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Matchmaking Tips

Shelters: Honestly represent the dog. Unlike most people searching for pet dogs, detection dog trainers are expecting (and hoping for) “a lot of dog”. These are the quirky, busy, wired, active, intense dogs who would overwhelm most pet owners. This dog is bound to be a handful! It will be very helpful if you can convey the ways in which the dog is a handful.

Trainers: Give shelters as much information as you can about your training methods, animal care practices, and future plans for the dog.  Shelters need to feel confident that the dog will have a good life with you and will likely screen you for certain criteria just as they would any other adopter.

Everybody: About half of the dogs who are strong candidates will not graduate from training. Both parties should agree on a contingency plan for this potential outcome before the dog leaves the shelter.

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We have been working at this for a long time but that doesn’t mean we know everything.  Do you have ideas, suggestions, or tricks you think would be helpful to other members of this community?  We would love to hear about them!

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