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Need a Dog?

You work in the detection field and you’re in need of a candidate dog for training.  Anyone can view the available dogs and as a member you will see a full profile including their evaluation data and shelter contact info.

A note about scoring: Please remember, the scores are only a starting point.  Shelter staff and volunteers conduct the evaluations themselves and as a result, scoring will be more variable than if evaluations were all conducted the same person or team.  Dogs’ evaluation videos will provide you with more detailed information than the scoring data.  And don’t forget, you are welcome to contact shelters to ask if they can conduct additional tests specific to your training program.

  • Harper McArthur Harper is energetic, eager to explore new things, a very quick study, and great with all ages of humans (though her jumping up may be too …
  • Daisy Daisy is a very sweet girl who is a lot of dog! We call her "high octane" and "the Ferrari of dogs." True to her breed, she is super …
  • Wyatt Wyatt is a 58lb high energy, high drive pitbull mix that will chase his ball for hours on end. He's been through basic training in obedience…
  • Sam Sam is an active outgoing young man that loves to play tug and face new challenges…
  • Honey Honey is a sweet and earnest girl who loves her toys! She is learning cues such as "sit" and "drop it" and to offer eye contact and a sit …
  • Aspen Aspen is all about fun! High energy dog that is sweet as can be, she gets along with other dogs, love people and love to play. Aspen has …
  • Mango Salsa Mango Salsa is a friendly, outgoing, energetic, and exuberant dog. She loves people, other dogs, food, lounging in the pool, going on walks/…
  • Peanut Buttercup Generally calm with people, relaxed and tolerant with other dogs, and very obsessed with fetch…

Success stories

Wicket was a year old and had been at the shelter for six months. Her history was unknown. She had recently been spayed by a shelter “angel” hoping to make her more appealing for adoption. But not many people want a dog who constantly whines, barks, and literally bounces off the walls of her kennel. But…

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