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Superman's Best Friend


Wicket was 12 months old and had been at the shelter for 6 months. Her history was unknown. She had recently been spayed by a shelter “angel” hoping to make her more appealing for adoption. But it’s often very difficult to find a home for a dog who constantly whines and barks, and literally bounces of…

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By the time Lily was not quite three years old, she had already had five homes. Something of a whirling dervish, Lily seemingly never stops moving. She always prefers to carry something in her mouth, and she usually runs instead of walks. She whines, circles, and wags incessantly. Her eyes dilate at the site of…

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Border collie Seamus was adopted from an animal shelter in Montana. Handsome and bright, he needs rules, boundaries, a consistent daily routine and far more attention than most people can give to even a demanding pet dog. But given just the right environment, Seamus thrives. Now employed as a highly specialized and skilled conservation dog,…

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Orbee was adopted from a Humane Society in a small rural community in Montana. Being a border collie with absolutely no interest in sheep or herding nullified his prospects as a ranch dog. His high pitched bark, fastidious nature and intensity are far from ideal pet traits. But Orbee has found his niche as a…

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