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What’s the mission of Rescues 2the Rescue?

Rescuing dogs who will be our invaluable partners in saving wildlife, protecting wild places, and helping humans.

What is the long term goal of Rescues 2the Rescue?

Is membership open to everyone?

Is there a fee to join Rescues 2the Rescue?

How can I help?

How are conservation detection dogs similar to—and different from—other detection dogs?

What qualities and behaviors make a dog well suited for Rescues 2the Rescue?

How do I post a dog that I think is a good candidate for a career in detection?

Can I post a dog without doing the Rescues 2the Rescue Evaluation?

Can I post dogs of all ages, sizes, or breeds?

If I have a candidate dog, how will I know what career she’ll train for, where she’ll live, that she’ll be well cared for, and other details about her new life?

Will all dogs placed through this program be successful in training?

What happens to a dog who doesn’t pass training?

I have a dog that I think would be a good candidate, but I’m not part of shelter or organized rescue group. Can I still post my dog?

Is there a fee for adopting a dog through Rescues 2 the Rescue?

I train/handle other types of detection dogs (not conservation detection). Can I use the Rescues 2the Rescue site to find candidate dogs for my line of work?

I’m a trainer that works with food reward, and your evaluation assesses dogs based on toy reward. How can I use the Rescues 2the Rescue site to find dogs that might work for me?

I’m a vendor who trains dogs and sells them. Can I search for dogs on your site?

Success stories

Wicket was 12 months old and had been at the shelter for 6 months. Her history was unknown. She had recently been spayed by a shelter “angel” hoping to make her more appealing for adoption. But it’s often very difficult to find a home for a dog who constantly whines and barks, and literally bounces of…

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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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