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Rayland impresses anyone who meets him. This boy is as smart as a whip and will enjoy being constantly stimulated. A few things make him hard to place- he can climb shorter fences, especially if there is a small critter running on the other side of it. Rayland has killed chickens in his old home, and has shown prey drive behavior near cats, so he cannot be re-homed to a place with smaller animals. Rayland loves human companionship and adores training. He is food motivated, but will do even more for a chance to play with a stuffed toy. His fixation on toys, along with his quick learning made us think of him as a dog who will enjoy working. He may not score the highest on these tests, but if we were able to conduct them with a stuffed toy we know he would score higher (we would just never retrieve the toy...). Rayland has shown resource guarding behavior with a raw hide.

Score 25
Breed Shepherd mix
Sex Male
Birthdate (Est.) 12/2013
Weight 62
Arrival Date at Shelter Sep 23, 2017
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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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