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Niko is a 1-year-old Pit Bull mix, who is a social butterfly with a TON of energy. Niko has mastered "sit" and is working on "drop it", but readily trades the toy in his mouth for a new one! Niko enjoys other dogs and will do best in a home with another dog that can handle his exuberant play style, but please, no cats for this guy. Niko's favorite things to do are (of course) play with his ball and socialize with his people friends. He could use some work on loose leash walking, but has shown great improvement in this area after we started using a no-pull harness. During Niko's evaluation, we did two "search" tests with him. The first test was outdoors and he searched for a full two minutes (with three separate encouragements given) before he found a ball securely hidden in one of the evaluator's pockets (not the one we had thrown). We did an additional test with him indoors (shown on the video) where he searched for 30 seconds before finding the ball. On his obstacle test (indoors) the video was inadvertently edited to omit the 30 second wait period before he was released to retrieve the ball, but we did hold him for the required amount of time!

Score 26
Breed Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Sex Male
Birthdate (Est.) 11/2016
Weight 50
Arrival Date at Shelter Dec 16, 2017
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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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