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Lily is a 3-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is over the moon for toys and playing fetch! She knows basic commands (sit, stay, drop-it, and come) walks well on a leash and passed her "cat test" with flying colors. She gets along with other dogs, but she will guard her "treasures" (toys) from other canine companions - which is why she was surrendered to the shelter. Lily did well during our standard shelter "dog-test" - but it's worth noting she never readily engaged with the other dogs, she continued searching for toys in the yard instead. While Lily is cautious meeting strangers, it's a slight reaction and she recovers immediately. Lily has been designated a "green" dog for our volunteers - meaning anyone is welcome to walk her. Lily is very intense about toys, but she has great manners. She readily drops toys that she retrieves and walks very well on leash. She has spent time in staff offices at the shelter and she does not bark at strangers when they enter. She likes to keep herself busy seeking and destroying any and all toys in her vicinity.

Score 35
Breed Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Sex Female
Birthdate (Est.) 12/2014
Weight 47
Arrival Date at Shelter Dec 01, 2017
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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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