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Happy is a SMART boy who loves to WORK! His drive to work with toys, obedience cues, and agility obstacles is endless. Happy is confident, dog-friendly, and in need of a job to do. While in the average owner's home, Happy does not like to share space in a house. Happy would be best placed with a handler that will fall in love with him just like his shelter trainers have! Could you use a little "Happy" in your life? Contact us at [email protected] or 727-692-8435 for more Happy training videos and a more advanced search game observation!

Score 25
Breed Terrier Mix
Sex Male
Approx. Age 1-2 years
Weight 40.6
Arrival Date at Shelter Dec 30, 2016
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Wicket was a year old and had been at the shelter for six months. Her history was unknown. She had recently been spayed by a shelter “angel” hoping to make her more appealing for adoption. But not many people want a dog who constantly whines, barks, and literally bounces off the walls of her kennel. But…

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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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