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Fonzo came from a kill shelter, very anxious & hard to handle, but is able to be walked & handled by numerous people, and if they're consistent, will offer behaviors on his own. He quickly learned through shaping with a clicker that his butt on the floor made doors open, which we were able to add a verbal & hand cue for, or just wait at the door until the light goes on and he does it automatically. Unmatched exuberance, he is high drive, high energy, extremely toy & food motivated (toy obsessed). Very people friendly, haven't had direct contact with other dogs, but ok in close proximity, unless they are frantic or reactive themselves. Very athletic, agile, and high endurance. While trying to build basic behaviors to make him adoptable, we have to remove the toys 6 1/2 feet up on a shelf or he'll try to figure a way to climb up there....he wouldn't give up for 20 minutes, so I had to! Drop command has been difficult, he will mash a tennis ball in his mouth until it foams, and will only give it up for another ball...maybe. Usually he tries to grab both.

Score 36
Breed Shepherd/Husky
Sex Male
Birthdate (Est.) 07/2015
Weight 50
Arrival Date at Shelter May 03, 2016
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