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Elga (“LG”)

Elga (“LG”)

Elga was pulled from an outside-only shelter to be a part of the CORE (Canine Olfaction Research and Education) Lab, the shelter still "owns" her, but the CORE lab is in charge of all her care. During her semester, students trained basic obedience, received lots of enrichment, and also participated in fun, non invasive olfactory research that tested her abilities. From the results of these studies, Elga rose to top three of all the dogs that ever participated so far. That fact, paired with her intense toy drive, made her caregivers think about the possibility of her becoming a working dog. She is also a dog that is difficult to place in a home because she does have a high exercise requirement. She also does best with one handler. Usually now, there are people constantly handling her: kennel techs, trainers, researchers, etc. So the kennel is quite stressful for her. But, when you get her one on one with someone she is totally great and super willing to train. Her favorite thing in the world is her Wubba! (But most tugs are great in her book). She also enjoys cooling her belly on any hard surface (she literally extends all four legs out in front/behind to maximize surface area on her belly.) She also loves frozen stuffed kongs and petting!

Score 29
Breed Mix
Sex Female
Birthdate (Est.) 05/2016
Weight 47
Arrival Date at Shelter Dec 13, 2017
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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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