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Hello, they call me Bear and that's for good reason! I am big and bold and beautiful. My velvety coat is jet black and I have the sweetest face. I'm only 18 months old, neutered, and clock in around 75 pounds. I don't think I will grow anymore? I am a big ball of energy with great hunt and toy drive. I came to do search and rescue work, but they found indications of very mild hip and elbow dysplasia, so I can't be jumping around a rubble pile all day long if I want a long career, which I do! I do! I do! So that is why I'm looking for a Fur-Ever Friend. I could be brilliant in other scent detection fields (or nose work competitions!) I just need to find something not as physically demanding as urban search and rescue (it's the rubble pile thing...) I could be happy as a family dog with someone who has the time and space to play with me and let me be rambunctious every now and again. Did I already say I had a lot of energy? P.S. I like toys. Full Video Screening here:

Score 31
Breed Black Labrador
Sex Male
Birthdate (Est.) 04/2018
Weight 77
Arrival Date at Shelter Oct 12, 2019
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