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Aladar is a high energy dog that loves to chase the ball. He has high toy drive (ball or tug), and good food drive. He's got a great nose and truly enjoys to hunt. Our trainers describe him as somewhat untrusting of unfamiliar people, but will engage readily with strangers if they have his toy, or for a food reward (he is easily handled by all of our staff in group obedience classes). Aladar is incredibly athletic, and participates in a comprehensive physical conditioning program daily in our K9 gym to focus his energy and exercise his mind. While he didn't enjoy the high pressure of disaster search training, our trainers feel he would be a good candidate for other types of detection work. A link to all of Aladar's screening videos can be found here:

Score 36
Breed Labrador Mix
Sex Male
Birthdate (Est.) 11/2016
Weight 66
Arrival Date at Shelter Nov 10, 2018
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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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