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Oka is a 1-year-old, neutered, Border Collie mix. Oka loves to play with toys and really enjoys hunting! He has great engagement for food rewards as well. Oka has been coming along very well in his obedience training, and has very nice manners. He loves to tug and retrieve and has fun playing with anyone who wants to engage with him. He settles well in a crate or kennel, and is social with other dogs. Oka does love to work odor, and that, coupled with his love for engaging with people, makes him an excellent candidate for single purpose detection work. Here is a link to his screening videos on You Tube (we've included his original screening video taken in January, and additional video we took this month): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vElkyi5rCS8&list=PLxUgYaZCqUKKao8DCKDOg4KPNjgK63XF7

Score 36
Breed Border Collie/Husky Mix
Sex Male
Birthdate (Est.) 03/2018
Weight 49
Arrival Date at Shelter Jan 10, 2019
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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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