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Nora is a 2 year old spayed female pit mix who is bursting with energy. In the shelter system for over one year, Nora is ready to move on to the next phase of her life. During her time with us, we’ve uncovered Nora’s propensity for playing with toys, even if that means turning non-toy items into playthings. Nora’s true love is squeaky toys (balls, stuffies, etc.), her intensity for items that make noise is never ending. Nora also enjoys stuffies, tug toys, and tennis balls and will seek and chase them with significant drive. Nora seems to be an unstoppable force, but also appears to be trainable. Our greatest struggle with Nora stems from her reluctance to give up toys once they are in her possession. While she does not guard the toys, her drive for toys makes it difficult to get them off of her once she has them, but we feel strongly that (given the right environment and training), she can learn to trade more readily. Nora has a very fun personality and can be social. However, because she is (and has been) in a shelter environment, we struggle to be able to manage her energy level, which has led to overarousal and other behavioral issues while in our care.

Score 29
Breed Pit Bull
Sex Female
Birthdate (Est.) 03/2017
Weight 44
Arrival Date at Shelter Sep 27, 2018
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