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Dash is a 1.5-2 year old, neutered German Shepherd dog. He was a stray in Dec. 2018 and is in his third home due to his energy level. He is very high energy, has extreme toy (ball) drive and moderate food drive. He loves to fetch and will hunt and retrieve non-stop. He does not tug as has not been allowed He shows natural trailing ability and has shown good interest when exposed to human decomp odor. He has good basic obedience... sit, down, stay. His leash walking is a work in progress. He is excellent off lead. He can be suspicious of new people, but warms quickly and is very biddable. He is neutral with most dogs, but very pushy play style. He settles well in a crate and rides well in a car, crated and uncrated. He did not do well in a shelter setting when he was held as a stray.

Score 34
Breed German Shepherd
Sex Male
Birthdate (Est.) 12/2017
Weight 75
Arrival Date at Shelter Dec 21, 2018
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Photo credit: Kurt Wilson
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